Event Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What kind of events does WMCKA promote?

A - WMCKA promotes two kinds of events - Instructional / Skills and Social

Q - What are WMCKA's Instructional / Skills Events? 

A - WMCKA has two Instructional Events:

  • Symposium - Hosted over Memorial Day Weekend and focused on skilled instruction by certified instructors for beginner and intermediate paddlers.  Check the Symposium page for the latest details.
  • Winter Pool Sessions - Usually multiple two hour sessions over the winter months using a large indoor community pool to provide an environment for members to work on various skills.  There may or may not be a trained instructor at the Pool Session, but it's still a good place to practice wet exits, rescues, and rolling when it's too cold outside.
  • Both Instructional / Skills Events have fees associated with them.  Review the Events and Symposium page for more details.

Q - What are WMCKA's Social Events?

A - WMCKA hosts several Social Events, usually starting in April and ending in October.  Some events are consistent, like Spring Confluence in April and the Year End Wrap Up in October, while other events vary in timing and location from year to year.  Events are hosted by a WMCKA Member and are focused on social interaction, paddling when the weather permits, and generally  having fun.  We also have a Members Holiday Party in early January to help break up the long, cold wait until the next paddling season.

Q - What is the cost to attend a Social Event?

A - There is no Club cost to a Social event, but you are responsible for any personal campsite or hotel fees, food, gear etc.  There is generally a shared Potluck meal on Saturday nights, so bring your favorite dish!

Q - Is there formal instruction at a Social Event?

A - No, there is no formal instruction during a Social Event. It is primarily focused on relaxing and having fun.  You will need to bring your own gear, and are responsible to paddle in a manner and under conditions that fit your skills.

  • Wearing your PFD while on the water is mandatory for all WMCKA events.
  • You should inform the Host WMCKA Member if you are planning to paddle on your own, and to provide an itinerary including expected departure and return times.

Q - How do I contact the Host for more details?

A - Each Event has a Comment section below it on the Events page where you can leave a note for the Host.


Be sure to review the Events page and RSVP for any trip you will be attending.  This helps the Host in their planning and to know who to look for.

You can also send an e-mail to registration@wmcka [dot] org with additional questions.