2019 / 2020 Pool Session #4

These pool sessions will take place at the Rockford North Middle School Pool.  The cost is $10 per person and the first pool session is free for current members.

The West Michigan Coastal Kayakers Association (“the club” or “WMCKA”) has rented a
pool to allow members of the club to practice skills on various dates. As a member, you are
invited to enjoy the first pool session of the fall/winter season that you attend, and consider
it a member benefit.
This is a members-only invitation. You must acknowledge that you have read and
understand the “Pool Practice Statement” on the first occasion when you attend a pool practice
session in a season. The season begins in the fall, and ends in the spring.
If you attend more than one pool session, the club asks that you donate $10 per person to
help cover the cost of the pool rental, beginning with the second session that you attend.
The club doesn’t ask for donations, and also invites, supervised children of members that
are under 12 years old, and members or their guests that do not enter the water.
These pool sessions are NOT ACA or WMCKA sanctioned events, classes, or instruction
sessions. These sessions are simply to provide club members opportunities for individual
practice, in any safe manner that they choose. If any other members provide, advise, or
instruction at your request, whether a certified instructor or not, that interaction is
completely voluntary. In other words, they are NOT acting as a certified instructor. If you
make arrangements for formal instruction with another person, that arrangement is
between you and that person, and does not involve the club.
You are responsible for your own safety when you enter the pool area. You are also
expected to supervise your minor children, and guests, and be responsible for their
behavior. If you are not willing to completely assume this risk and obligation, you are not
invited to stay. Everyone is expected to act in a reasonable manner that does not
intentionally, or by bad judgement, increase risk to others.
You must comply with any instructions or orders from the lifeguard(s). If you, your guests,
or your children are asked to leave by a lifeguard or a representative of the club, for any
reason, you agree to promptly collect your belongings and leave. Before attending another
pool practice, you must contact a WMCKA officer to resolve whatever issue arose, and to
renew your invitation.

  • Pool Session
    January 18, 2020
    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


397 E Division St NE, Rockford, Michigan, 49341, United States

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