2024 WMCKA Kayak Symposium


The annual WMCKA Kayak Symposium will take place at the YMCA Camp Pendalouan’s facilities on Big Blue Lake in Montague, MI.

Designed for novice to intermediate kayakers, the WMCKA Symposium offers an enriching experience filled with 2 1/2 days of comprehensive kayak instruction, featuring an exceptionally low student-to-instructor ratio. The instructional sessions take place both on and within the calm waters of Big Blue Lake, known for its reliably warm temperatures during the symposium.

The primary focus of the Symposium centers on enhancing your kayaking proficiency. We provide a diverse range of classes covering fundamental and intermediate paddling techniques, safe exit and re-entry strategies, as well as specialized rolling instruction. These classes are designed to enhance your watercraft maneuverability, extend your comfortable paddling range, and bolster your confidence for tackling larger bodies of water safely.

Our team of certified instructors shares a genuine passion for kayaking, bringing a strong desire to educate participants. With our intentionally small class sizes, instructors can provide personalized attention to each student, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

The Symposium is an inclusive event, welcoming families of all ages. We offer a youth program, tailored to the energy and capabilities of young paddlers aged 7 to 14. This program encompasses both on-land and in-water classes, alongside a mix of typical youth activities available at Camp Pendalouan.

Beyond the water-based activities, ample opportunities await to connect with fellow paddlers from across the nation, providing a platform for sharing your kayaking adventures and insights.

During your stay, we offer a variety of meal options, including regular and vegetarian choices, from Friday's dinner to Monday's breakfast, all served at the Camp Pendalouan Lodge. This lodge serves as the heart of our community, facilitating discussions on members' past trips, informative panel discussions and  opportunity to connect with other like-minded people.

Accommodation options at the Symposium are diverse. You have the flexibility to pitch a tent or bring a small RV (subject to limited availability) at no additional cost. Additionally, we offer cabin accommodations for a nominal fee.

Whether you're aged 7 or 80+, our program is tailored to instill confidence and safety in your kayaking endeavors. Join us and embark on a journey of paddling excellence.

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Neptune's Treasures

Do you have some gently used kayak/camping gear that you would like to sell? Bring it and sell it in our Neptune's Treasures (Think kayak gear yard sale)

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