ACA/BCU Level 3 Training

Who should attend

L3 Training: An ideal candidate for this class is someone who has had several other kayak classes, has paddled their boat in bumpy water, and would like to become proficient in handling your boat happily in two to three-foot breaking and winds of about 7-10 knot winds.

What to expect

L3 Training: You will be working on edging, linking maneuvering strokes, lots and lots of rescues, forward stroke, reverse, some towing, and scenarios.  Expect full days on the water, spending two days on Duck Pond and on Lake Michigan.   

At the end of the class, the instructor will give you a short review of where they believe your skills are relative to the award and what areas where you may wish to focus training and instruction.


Bring a helmet, have a tow belt, and a smile 

For more information on the ACA/BCU Level 3/Level 4 training, please check out these links:

BCU 3 Star

Please note:

A participant review will be held on the evening of Friday, May 24th to ensure that each paddler has appropriate skills and equipment for attending the classes.

Participation is at the discretion of the Lead Instructor and participants without the appropriate skills or equipment are allowed to participate in all of the other WMCKA Symposium offerings.

Class cost is covered with your Symposium registration fee.